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How did Nina get here? Her story…

For the majority of my life I’ve been and known how to take care of myself. I’m an independent woman who can stand on her own two feet.

This meant I didn’t need anyone’s help. It meant no one could disappoint me. It meant… That no one could hurt me…

What I hadn’t realised though, is that I was so busy being independent, making a living, being successful in the eyes of what I’d been told my whole life the meaning of success was. I found myself standing there almost at the finish line, only to find that I was actually alone…

What was the point of me being there, if I was by myself? I thought this was supposed to feel good and life was supposed to feel like “Yep I have reached my dream…. NOW!” … But that’s not what happened. I realised I had wasted so much time focusing on the destination that I missed 99% of the time… The journey… And I had forgotten the people I really loved along the way…

ONLY after a lot, a lot, a lot and A LOT of self-reflection confronting conversations with myself and others, and many, many tears and heart shattering truths… Did I find that, as I was protecting myself from getting hurt. I was stopping others from loving me and even myself from loving others to my hearts full capacity… When I realised this, I realised I had been robbing myself of the joy of really living… And… The joy of REALLY loving.

I wanted experience not just love, but the kind of love that fills my eyes with tears of gratitude, of presence and connectedness to that person… But facing that fact that “I” was responsible for this – There wasn’t anyone else to be angry at or that I could blame anymore…

The more and more I came to terms with this, the more I realised there wasn’t a hero that was going to come and save me. Only I, had the power to change my life… So from there I started taking small but SURE, intentful steps towards CONSCIOUSLY making decisions and taking actions towards being AUTHENTIC, VULNERABLE and SHOWING my emotions. Including expressing it to the person that it involved – the person who I felt hurt by or by a situation that had happened in the past. A situation that I either didn’t know how to handle or I didn’t know how to honour and express MYSELF in that situation. My pain was never about them. My pain was always about me… THEY were just a REFLECTION of my inner world.

So… Because of the support in my life of people who also called me out on my repetitive cycles, stories and illusions… By my own personal development (self-awareness intuition), my faith in myself, my faith in the universe, my faith in the process, my faith in simply trusting that I will be ok in the unknown, and frankly most importantly TAKING ACTION… I was able to change the direction of my life.

Ask for help, not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong
~ Les Brown ~

I have since confronted the root of where I believe a lot of the fear based seeds were planted – which grew into a tree, that chipped away at my soul and my entire being of who I felt I really was at my core… So I not only worked at pulling out the tree but also the roots of the tree and its seeds…

Since then, I have been consciously and consistently deciding to invest back into me and my relationship with myself and oneness of our being… I have been able to not only give more love, but also RECEIVE more love, without rejecting it, without feeling undeserving or that I or the love is TOO much. And for me most importantly I’ve also been able to forgive the man and MYSELF for an incident that had occurred over 20 years ago…

I was able to confront him and give him love, AS a human being, SIMPLY because he’s a reflection of me and if there is a part of me that hates him, then there is a part of me I am not able to love. I’ve been able to give love a chance and to put myself out there and do my best to love UNCONDITIONALLY without any attachment, expectation, barriers, labels, lack of labels, simply because I just love.

Yes I have touched hearts along the way but do you know who it’s empowered the most?

My own heart.

It’s crazy to say but I’ve truly empowered myself!!! Yes, I have inspired many people, but sitting in a puddle of tears in the deepest oceans of my fears, holding my own hand, knowing in my heart I won’t just be ok, I’ll be better than ok… I’ve learnt how to pat myself on the back and be proud of myself for my vulnerability, strength and courage…

The more I become more self-actualised, self-aware, self-expressed, not only do I feel more and more alive and fulfilled, but I’ve also experienced first hand, deeper and deeper levels of love from every being and ANY situation and challenge that the universe provides me!

And what’s crazy is that the more I follow my truth and face my demons, the more I seem to inspire and empower people – when I actually feel like I’m at my lowest. But somehow, by allowing myself to see, be open and be accepting of the value I’ve added to people’s lives… Facing my demons end up fuelling my love to continue doing what I’m doing. It reminds me I’m not just going through the pain for me… I go through the pain for other women who don’t think they can do simply to show them that it is too possible for them! As Maya Angelou says “I come as one, I stand as 10,000.”

So by doing what’s right for me, I just end up INCREASINGLY happier, more fulfilled, deeply connected, LIVING an inspiring life! The universe really does give me love… I just had to stop rejecting it so I could not only see and feel it, but also accept it. The love was always, is always and will always be there.

I used to be in the dark. Scared and fearful.
Now… I am still in the dark of the unknown. But the only difference is now in the darkness, I see light!
~ Nina Concepcion ~

I am NOW clear on my commitment to my life. I am committed to connecting the hearts of the human race, by creating a space for them to allow their light to shine, on their own UNIQUE path of vulnerability and self-actualisation. I dedicate my time, energy and love into doing this DAILY by empowering those who feel they are ready, to be fully authentically self-expressed, in turn adding helping us get closer again to becoming whole and unified as a one race ☺

A Poem from Me to You

By Nina Concepcion

What that I believe
My poetry conveys
Is the simplistic and love
Of a simple gaze

Not just the meaning
But the feeling too
Of something we connect with
From me to you
Words that come flowing out of my heart
Seems to flow out from the moment I start

For me it’s a release
A piece of me
To get my mind straight
And to be able just to be

To clear my head and the thoughts going on
To express my feelings to sometimes not prolong
To sometimes remember this feeling of bliss
Or to express and release
What I wish to dismiss

A part of me
I have learnt to embrace
That maybe it can help you
Create your own space

In this crazy world we live in each day
To have even one moment of presence
To experience a possibility of a path
To a new way

The Naked You Book
The Naked You Book
Fall Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart Book
Fall Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart Book