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The New View: You was founded by Nina Concepcion in 2012 when she awakened to a deeper meaning of what she was here to do. Listening and feeling the resonance of Brendon Burchard, she had a sudden burst of inspiration to start a business to help bring young, positive, like-minded people together. Many years had gone by where she didn’t know of a place for inspiration, a space for people to feel free to express themselves, and for a person to explore their curiosity about life and to connect with others on the same path, to have discussions around the meaning of life, relationships, fulfilment, values and those things that are truly important to us. This idea, is what birthed The New View: You!

To live in a world where our own unique value, is authentically expressed in everything we do and are. By re-connecting, not just with our minds and our iPhones, but more importantly through our vulnerabilities, heart-felt connections and simply by what makes us human, we can bridge the world from competition to collaboration. Where an exchange of value, rather than being perceived as dirty dodgy sales, is seen instead, as high value offering… Equally mutually beneficial for all.  A place where everyone is making the world a more happy and peaceful place, simply by living a life they love, and owning their own value and worth… Feeling free to honestly, and authentically express the best version of themselves.

The New View Vision

We are inspired towards:

  1. Shining our light bright to others will do the same
  2. Empowering those who feel called and ready for a deeper level of connection and meaning
  3. Inspiring and encouraging everyone to walk their own unique path.
  4. Creating and facilitating an active supportive community of like-minded individuals where they can feel safe, supported, inspired to be and embrace their true self.
  5. Educating people through unique, one-on-one coaching, highly experiential personal development programs and through the power of written words.
The New View Mission

Authenticity | Transparency
Fun | Vulnerability
Support & Community

The New View Values