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Nina Concepcion

Why Pretending Hurts You More

Sometimes it’s so much easier pushing things under the carpet and pretending things might change. Being in denial that things will somehow get better without you having to do anything about it… That weighted feeling we feel, comes from a lack of honoring yourself and our feelings. Haven’t you ever noticed when you’ve done something […]

Nina Concepcion

Why is Taking Responsibility So Hard?

It takes a great deal of self-reflection, extreme self-honesty, fear facing ACTIONS in order for a person to accept responsibility for their life.  This is where people who have researched this topic would understand the quote, everyone is responsible for their results, but only the successful ones will admit it.  That’s no coincidence. Successful people […]

Nina Concepcion

Why How is A Silly Question

I find that a lot of people when heading towards a goal, question and even decide not to go after their dream because they don’t know HOW they will do it… Let me ask you this… Do you know what will happen next year? Next month? Next week? Tomorrow? Or even the next 10 minutes? […]

Nina Concepcion

When You Start to Change

I find it so interesting when I am so adamant on not liking something or being so fixed in my ways, when something happens that happens to derail me from my own perception. Because of this I am somehow suddenly in a situation to try something which I have convinced myself for so long that […]

Nina Concepcion

Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Loved?

I have spent a large portion of my life protecting myself, guarding myself and being careful, to make sure that I don’t get hurt and no one can harm me. My thought process was if I just keep everyone away then I will be ok. What took me a while to realise was that I […]