Have you ever wondered why it is that we crave connection so much as a human race?

Why do we crave belonging, being a part of something, being included, being accepted?

I think there is more, much more to us than what meets the eye. I think that when we pretend not to care, when we pretend to disconnect, when we attempt to push each other away, when we try and run from our problems… There will always be something bringing us back to the root of it all… Our desire for Connection.

Why else do we seek to have conversations that really matter? And why else do we always talk about what the other person could have done, would have done and should have done, to make us feel better? Why else is it, that we can get so fired up emotionally. from things that don’t seem to matter? Because as much as we want to deny it…


We are human and we FEEL. And FEELING means the illogical. Feeling means not making sense. Feeling means sometimes being reckless. And sometimes that’s what makes us feel the most alive.
~ Nina Concepcion


Whether its planning on doing something spontaneous and seemingly crazy, or taking a “risk”, or doing something out of the ordinary… It makes us FEEL connected.

Why else does it mean so much to us when someone just listens to what we have to say, when someone remembers something we said, when someone stops to really ask how we are and wait for a response, when someone is able to give us their undivided attention, or when we feel understood and that we really matter?

Why is it the more we do what makes us feel alive we actually have more to offer other people?

Because its THEN that we feel the most connected. It is then that we feel we aren’t alone in this big world. The more we can connect with ourselves and our own emotions, the more we can come from a place of compassion and understanding to others. But without that connection to yourself, how can you expect to understand anyone else?

We have grown up in a society where we have learnt to just to accept how things are. Even when we know our souls and heart actually desire, and know deep down, that we deserve more. More than we currently are settling for. More than what we have deemed is ok. More than what we feel like we deserve.

So where in your life are you settling? Where have you stopped seeking connection? Where have you shy-ed away from opening up your heart and mind? Where have you pushed people away and where have you ultimately neglected yourself of the opportunity to deeply connect with another person and yourself? Not because it didn’t feel right but because you were scared of being hurt?

When was the last time you told someone you love that you love them? How often do you tell them? How often do you consciously go out of your way to let them know exactly how much they meant to you? When was the last time someone said something to you, so heart touching, that it brought you to tears? Really stop and think about that moment that possibly changed your life….

Then think about when was the last time you did that for another person and brought them to tears by giving them love and gratitude and making a conscious effort, to really connect in this world of very easily being disconnected from what really matters?

Don’t let your life pass you by. You don’t know how long you have.

Tell them, TODAY!

If you are interested in taking your life and level of connection to your clients, friends, family and even new people to the next level, click here for a Complimentary Discovery Session with Nina 🙂

Ultimately I am here to assist myself and others to to connect to other people, the earth, and ourselves. It’s time we stepped back into our infinite possibilities and power!