Poems by Nina on the Blog

a beautiful smile
a heart felt gaze
are the standard compliments
people normally praise

but the core of you
I see and feel
sometimes sad
at least you’re being real

perfection isn’t always happiness
roses and bliss
it’s the pain, the struggle
we easily often quickly dismiss

you’re authentic self
feels many emotions
plus even more
that words can’t describe
ever will or even before

be ok with them
let them be released
accept them and love them
the uncomfortability will start to learn ease

be patient
be kind
be understanding without the need of reason
it’s this moment that’s all
this presence and season

Moments will pass
who knows for how long they’ll stay
either each way
make each and every moment
just a new day

a new day for adventure
for something exciting and new
whatever it is happy or sad
you will come out the other end
better than you knew