Constantly am I having to stop and observe where I am directing my attention and energy.

Why? Energy flows where attention goes.

So often can we be distracted by life, what’s happening around us, people that come into our life. But having the conscious choice of the direction our life is going in, is something that takes a conscious, continuous effort and high level of commitment.

Not only do most people not have the dedication but many people don’t know how… Hence why I am so grateful to have a coach and to myself, BE a coach. I understand the value I not only receive, but that I too give. To myself and others.

Whenever I realise there is something I am want or something that is lacking in my life, I realise it is because instead of directing my energy in the direction that will allow me to achieve it, I am directing my energy away from it. Not because I mean to, but because by default that’s where I have allowed my energy and time to go. It’s not until I stop, reflect and make a decision to change it, that my results in my life start to change.

Rather than getting caught up in the why of why I’m not doing it and being a victim of analysis by paralysis (something I did for most of my life until I learnt other methods of directing my thoughts), I more than often, just take action in the direction I want, and only then is when that obstacle or reason for my default behaviour actually becomes apparent.

I think many of us, including myself, get too caught up thinking and thinking and thinking and not DOING or BEING what we say we want. Instead of just taking action after trusting, listening and following our intuition. To this day it is something I am still constantly working on.

Without this awareness of myself, I dread to think about how long I could spend being in a disempowering mindset and not even realise it! How many relationships would I have to break, how many people would get hurt, including myself, and how many tears would I have to cry before I would realise how much I was impacting my own life and how quickly I could have changed it.

This is why, the work that i do that I am so incredibly passionate about, I have chosen to dedicate my life doing, not only because it has completely changed my life, but I know for a fact that if you are ready, it too can change yours!!

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