Poems by Nina on the Blog

there’s nothing or no one there
at times we feel alone
but really Mother Earth
has got us even if to us its unknown

our eyes may not be open
we may think our hearts have been impure
our arms may not be spread apart
to the point that we feel obscure

we hide the truth and seek hiding
from what really is
that she has us
every moment, every breeze is a kiss

there’s healing in the rain
there’s love beneath us in the ground
when are we going to choose to stop
and actually listen to the sound

when we feel alone
she’s always right there beside you
she’s right there beside me
even when you don’t her want to

when you are willing to feel
and just get out of your mind
you’ll get out of your way
all of a sudden you won’t be so blind

take in the meaning
with what you feel in your heart
accept the love around you
you will never really be a PART

you are everything
at the same time not at all
you are enormous
at the same time incredibly small

it’s liberating to accept and feel
that this is your essence, your being
it’s not always and even often
what you think you’re seeing