People constantly ask me how I got to where I am today and what I did to get here. It has been one journey after one journey after many journeys. It has been one decision, then another decision, then another decision. Everything is a process. However, something I have been consistent with and constantly working towards are the 4 steps below. It may take a little longer or a little sooner than what you but as long as you keep working towards it that’s really all that matters – you may even realise you have already been doing it this whole time. It’s just about BEing more of yourself.

So here are the 4 steps to doing what you love:


  1. Be Yourself       

Be Honest.
How can you do what you love what you do if you don’t love it? You need to be able to be brutally hones with yourself and really know when you are enjoying yourself, honouring yourself, having fun, making most of your life, when you feel happy and fulfilled compared to when you’re bored, when you feel empty, when you feel drained by someone or something or that you are wasting your life away.

Face Your Fear.
We all have fears. From the fear of being judged, to fear of rejection to the fear of the unknown. Being yourself CAN be scary but also one of the most liberating feelings you may ever experience. The sense of freedom, autonomy and sovereignty is something that really can ever be taken away from you unless you choose for it to. Make choices for you, even if that means being scared when you do it.


  1. Take time for yourself – get to know yourself

It Takes Commitment.
Some people say they don’t have a passion. To me that just tells me that they haven’t spent the time with themselves to be consciously aware of it. Like any relationship it takes time, energy and consistency to get to know someone. Why should the relationship with yourself be any different? You are not any less worthy of your time than your best friend or partner. Take the time to be with yourself, spend some time alone, start to enjoy your own company and to be with no one but your own thoughts and feelings.

We live in a society where its not a habit to relax but its actually a habit to be go go go. We are constantly stimulated, if not by the radio and tv then by advertising, sales people and brands all around us. Our minds have been so bombarded with so much content in this information age sometimes it can feel like we are going into overload. Meditation helps clear the mind and the chaotic-ness of everyone else’s voice but your own. Yes, it may take time but just start with practicing 10min a day or doing a meditation class. You will be happ you did it and is worth the practice.  I cannot recommend meditating enough.


  1. Reflect

This means asking yourself the right questions.  Like Tony Robbins says, the quality of your life depends on the quality of questions you ask yourself. This is a core principle in my business and what I teach all my clients. Go into the unknown and have the courage to aks yourself those hard questions that only you know crosses your mind but you have been too scared to answer or sit with long enough because its scary. Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone. There is no room for magic in your life if you don’t make the room.

Our environment impacts us a more than we realise or more than we can even comprehend. Our subconscious mind pics up on EVERYTHING. Therefore what are you allowing into your subconscious mind with what you watch like tv and movies, who are you surrounding yourself by, what kind of conversations are you listening to (including radio and music) and what are you saying (pay special attention to what you say as a habit or figure of speech)? If you want more information on this sign up for the Free Personal Perception Shifter.


  1. Take action

Just Do It.
This is probably the most important step. Without action you and your life will never change. Whatever you decide is the best thing for you, stop procrastinating, you aren’t getting any younger, Just Do It!

In With The New.
If you are ready to take your life to the next level, applying amazing things to your life and still want more there are 2 more options available to you.

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