Poems by Nina on the Blog

Scared of what ifs
Scared of what isn’t and not what is

Everything is beautiful
Trust what I see
Trust it will work out
I’ll be strong
as long as I’m being me

The best experiences
The best surprise
Are those I didn’t expect
And couldn’t foresee with my eyes

Sparkling lights on the city below
Remind me of the beauty of life
That we sometimes let go

There’s more to life
Then what at this moment we see
A bigger story
For everyone I guarantee

Outcome, let go
Of the story we think
Save our energy
It’ll change in a blink

Change happens
even faster than u know
You’ll wonder how u got here
How much you managed to grow

Beautiful creations
and love under our nose
The natural plantations
Allow us to propose

Not to be fooled
by our limited eye sight
Every night
Has a shining bright light