Poems by Nina on the Blog

What’s the point of resentment
What’s the point of pain
When there’s only really love
And gratitude to be gained

Reflection of our inner self
The world that we create
Everyone is us
Just another way remade

Pain and holding on
often always only holds us back
from loving ourselves
down every single track

The path and journeys we attract
we experience
is really only testing wants, desires and resilience
our desire to want to grow
into more of what we are
this lifetime
will you be a star or scar

Treat every person with
gratitude and acceptance for exactly where they are
they are just parts of you reflected
interesting or bizarre

treat every living thing with respect and appreciation
as everything is just a reminder by an abbreviation

but the puzzles you see
are only for those who seek
if you are ready
you’ll see congruency between the one being all unique

Look at every experience as something to reveal
there’s nothing that can ever be taken to steal

It is all you
everything is one
everything needs doing
at the same time everything is done

No need to feel guilty
because they are only you
put yourself first
because it true to do

Responding to every experience with love, understanding,
that, how you respond
could cause or reverse your expanding

To consciously create experience
to become what is
remember it is everything
you can chose or chose not to dismiss

Pay attention to the little things
and hold onto anger
or be the awakened
you are the dance not the dancer