I think it’s important for us to remember and to keep in mind that we never get to a point where everything is perfect. We never get to a point when we figure it all out. We never get to a point where there is no more work that needs to be done. We never have all the answers. 

There will always be more questions. There will always be more wonder…. Because without it, where is the excitement and the surprise? Where is the beauty of the unknown? 

Are you able to not only accept, but also embrace that there are things you will never know, things out of your control and things that don’t make sense? 

I know that I am constantly having to remind myself of that which I already know, have been told, have read and even written and spoken about. 

And sometimes it is difficult. Sometimes it’s not always easy sailing. Sometimes things… JUST TAKE TIME.

But then the question of should I be taking action or should I just be patiently waiting comes to mind. How do we really know what the right thing to do is? How do we really know our next step?

I think the answer is, not REALLY knowing. I think we just need to remind ourselves to trust ourselves and honour that feeling, each and every step of the way. Not just once, but continuously. But at the same time not expecting perfection. 

At the same time having compassion and patience with yourself. But most importantly love. Are you treating yourself how you would want to be treated? Are you saying things to yourself that you would say to someone you love? Are you feeding your mind, body and soul with what makes you feel alive and invigorated?

Everything is energy… Everything. From our thoughts, to our feelings, to our actions, to our words, to what we eat, what we listen to and what we watch. 

Yesterday I had to remind myself of this. Why because it affects my ENTIRE being. So today, on this Sunday I take the time for me… I take the time to refocus, re-direct my energy and time, to remember what I’m grateful for and why I CHOOSE to be here, what fullfills me and makes me feel alive. To remember that the wonder and the unknown is part of the journey I must continually learn to embrace. 

To remind myself to walk my talk. To remember that vulnerability can be scary. But that’s not a reason to run and hide but a reason to face my fear. That, that is the constant work I am working towards and makes me feel love and accomplishment.

So today on my ‪#‎datewithmyselfday‬. I share with you my struggles, my worries and my concerns. Like every other person, I am human. 

And I am perfectly imperfect. 

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