I find it so interesting when I am so adamant on not liking something or being so fixed in my ways, when something happens that happens to derail me from my own perception. Because of this I am somehow suddenly in a situation to try something which I have convinced myself for so long that I didn’t like.  Then much to my surprise I didn’t dislike it as much I remember it, but it was actually somewhat enjoyable. 

I was at the shops today trying to find a large bottle of water of the brand that I like. But they only seemed to have sparkling mineral water. I found one other brand of normal water that I didn’t want so I spent a good 5 minutes scanning my options. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any other brand water more than 250ml of normal still water. So I decided to go with the brand I didn’t like considering at leats I could get 1.25L of still water J So I pay for the water and open it and it starts fizzing!!! Then I realise it TOO was a sparkling mineral water and that there was NO still water. A little frustrated, I thought to myself I may as well drink it because I have already bought it. Even though when I tried sparkling water for the first time over a decade ago, I didn’t like it but I thought I would give it another go. Much to my surprise it wasn’t actually that bad! Considering I don’t drink soft drinks anymore and it felt strange when the bubbles were going up my nose the taste itself wasn’t too bad! I then became conscious of the story I had held onto for so long and laughed at myself because if I hadn’t of made that silly mistake I would still be so sure I really don’t like sparkling water!

Then the opposite happened!

I work myself up and got so excited about my favourite favourite desert and my favourite place that makes it because they give me so much and I’m never left wanting more! The first few bites I was literally in heaven and everything I had remembered. Then not even a quarter of the way through the desert I found myself thinking “how am I going to eat all of this when I’m already feeling a little sick with the sweetness of it?” So rather than making myself feel sick and forcing myself to eat because of the starving children in the world – something I had done for many years, I decided not to finish the entire desert because I could feel my body didn’t want to stuff my face and finish my food with the expense of making myself feel sick and bloated. 

I just find it incredibly interesting that in a few hours, I had proven myself wrong twice in the two most opposite ways! I also understand I am aware enough to catch myself and my way of thinking. But for those of you who won’t even give yourself a chance, maybe until you feel like GAHH FINE I will do it, I want to ask you, are you giving yourself a chance to re-experience life to a new level?

I believe the reason we change, our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, likes, dislikes and even taste buds seem to change is because we are outgrowing our old selves. And possibly that after spending months eating healthier and listening to my body I can feel when something is not so good and may be not so bad for me.

So next time you find yourself saying a definite YES or NO… Be open to the opposite answer or even a maybe. Or what if I had no previous experience in this food, person, place etc.? Would you be open minded enough to have a brand new experience with it or them?

If you don’t have a Nina in your life to question your own perceptions, blind spots and aspects in your life you may not even see that can empower you, message me for a Discovery Session!