Sometimes it’s so much easier pushing things under the carpet and pretending things might change. Being in denial that things will somehow get better without you having to do anything about it… That weighted feeling we feel, comes from a lack of honoring yourself and our feelings. Haven’t you ever noticed when you’ve done something scary but it was right for you that after you did it, you actually felt lighter? And you wonder why it was so scary to begin with. The funny thing is, its like a muscle. The more u realise how strong you are over your thoughts, the more you will push yourself. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Why do you let your fears hold u back?

Just try it a couple times. If you don’t feel any better, at least u know u gave it a go! But I can almost guarantee you, that what you thought and believed is wrong. Either you can be right and miserable, or wrong and happy. The most successful people in the world can all admit they can be, have been and will continue to be wrong. Do you really think that’s a coincidence? Or is it possible that maybe it’s their ability of putting their ego aside and understanding in order to be happy, they have to continue learning more, which means being able to admit that they are wrong. 

The miraculous thing, is when you somehow learn that not moving is more painful, than pushing through your fears and moving forward, you end up on the other side of fear. A place that’s peaceful and serene, overwhelming you with gratitude and love for yourself, and you arrived there quicker than you ever thought possible.  

That is the beginning of learning and practicing to love yourself.


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