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Nina’s books speak entirely from her own experience of the world. No way what so ever is she attempting or intending of convincing you. Instead she more so trusts that the right people will be drawn to read the book. It’s not that we learn anything when we read something, but more so we recognise ourselves in it or we remember something about ourselves that we have just forgotten. So really, it is just a reminder for those who are ready for the reminder.

The Naked You

What does it mean to be naked? It means to be bare, vulnerable, exposed. There is no where to hide, nothing else to do or be. The Naked You explores themes of living an authentic, unapologetic, self-expressed life.

Fall Out of Your Head
and Into Your Heart

This book explores of many pivotal moments in my life, how I overcame them, the lesson I learnt and how you can do the same thing. It is part of the continuous process… of Falling Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

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Quotes by Nina

Quotes are a great reminder to remember something you want to keep in mind. This could be your intent, your focus, your direction. Choosing one quote a day that resonates with you or even one a week, for you to focus your energy on. It  is a great way to utilise quotes to expand your awareness. Many things you read and hear can be the quote you use.

Click on a Link to see Nina’s Quote that you can use as your daily reminder and you’ll be taken to the it’s blog page where you can join the discussion on the impact it has for you. 

Power of Vulnerability

Poetry by Nina

As poetry has been a very consistent long-term friend and expression of herself through happy and painful times, you will get an insight into many of Nina’s poems in all of her books. Here are some of Nina’s favourites that she has written on her journey.

Poems by Nina on the Blog