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Nina currently has 1 event booked in at this moment in time where you can hear her speak and find out more about what she can offer you and or your business. You can find out more out about one of the current opportunities below or register your details to stay updated for future Upcoming Events.

Getting Naked Event


The Getting Naked Event is an experiential event that Nina facilitates, for you to learn how to embrace the beauty of your vulnerabilities and actionable steps to mastering the art of being your true authentic self.

Typical Results

Learn how:

  • How intimacy is the key to the doors of opportunity
  • How authenticity and vulnerability affects every part of your life
  • Why and how perfection is your fake friend
  • Nina’s unique step by step process to getting more clarity in every part of your life
  • Experimental opportunities for liberation/freedom/expression
  • How to shift the paradigm from selfish to selfless to self-full!
  • How to become more influential


Who this is For:

  • People who want to grow
  • People who have the courage to grow and learn
  • People willing to face their fears
  • Heart-based people who seek true sovereignty
  • Individuals seeking a deeper level of expression and authenticity
  • Those wanting to bring peace and love to humanity
  • Open minded individuals
  • People willing to be vulnerable and share their experience to explore deeper levels of love and connection


Who this is Not for:

  • Individuals who only don’t come from a place of love
  • People who are not willing to take responsibility for themselves
  • Energy vampires
  • People who aren’t wanting to create a safe and beautiful space for others transformation
  • Closed minded individuals

Upcoming Events

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