How do you inspire and empower people to take action?

Nina is a well-studied life coach who adapts her activities according to the needs of the group. She has the ability to interpret a person’s circumstance and intuitively respond to their concerns. After explaining what she feels, she is able to share her extensive knowledge and provide a ‘New View’ so people can start making changes to their lives!

Eddie Toth

Empowering a group of people to not only strive towards a life worth living, but also to inspire them to take action is something that Nina is truly passionate about. The energy of a collective group of individuals all seeking to further themselves and deepen their connection with their work, their craft, their art form, the value they provide, themselves and others, is something that is incomparable to anything else she does. Nina holds the space and sets the tone for a safe, open and honest environment where everyone can feel at home and feel free to express themselves authentically, as their best version of who they truly are.

Keynote speaking engagements are one of Nina’s favourite ways to communicate with people, so our promise is that she will bare her heart and soul at every event and will do everything in her power to connect to each and every single person in the audience, to assist them on their path, in re-connecting and pursuing the life they deserve.

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Nina’s Keynote Speaking Topics

Nina does custom talks but here is a closer look at some of the topics you can Hire Nina for a Keynote Speaking event. All of the topics are designed to bring about a New View, a change of perception of how you see your own life, your business and all those around you. Nina speaks about these topics with inspiring passion and guides those attending your next event towards making transformational change with lasting effect. 

Partial List of Clients, Past Speaking Engagements & Media

BWYWB Youth Summit

Live on Triple H 100.1 FM Radio Station with Pearl Gardiner
10.30am-12pm Friday 15th of April 2016, Australian EST

Supercharge Your Business
Half day event on Sat 9th of April 2016 with Nina Concepcion, Anfernee Chansamooth, Ivan Chew and Jenny Tse

I have never met someone (Nina) who has taught me so much about self-empowerment in such a short amount of time… 
Thanks to Nina, I have never felt more confident about myself and the way I live my life. Her constant support and advice has really helped me to live a more, happy, healthy life as a young woman in a fast-paced society.

Cassandra Hill

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