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What I Do

Nina Concepcion, “The Naked Coach” inspires and teaches people (with One-on-One Coaching) who are having difficultly with the clash between who they are and what they do. Their role, job, occupation or simply the way they are living their life. She help them find the balance of being who they are and getting paid very well for it, in the most honest, authentic and meaningful way possible for your individual path that you are in in your life at the moment.

When you get to this point in your life where…

You feel like you’re not being the best you can be, that your skills and who you are are not being fully utilized, that if you died tomorrow you knew you had more to offer, where you feel like you are working so hard and something is still missing, when you’re unclear of exactly what will change this void in your life… When you are ready to be rewarded for being you… THIS is the time to work with Nina 1-on-1.

Nina’s experience and expertise in this area of personal development, is what allows her to shine light on the blind spots of your life that you didn’t even know was there, that could possibly be disempowering you to live a more meaningful life. Her One-on-One Coaching is for those who are ready to stop hiding, as she explores the depths of you to your core. There and only there is where together, you can have an adventure into you and your heart and soul’s desires.

How I do it

Nina attributes ALL of her success to 4 categories.

  1. Having a mentor with similar values
  2. Ongoing and consistent personal development
  3. Taking constant action
  4. Authentically BEING 

This is the basis behind all of Nina’s One-on-One Coaching. By being your One-on-One Coach, this will assist you in points 2, 3 and 4.

It’s when we think we know everything, and are not open to new perspectives, is when we limit the magic of infinite possibilities, beyond even our own imagination

Nina Concepcion

What you will get from One-on-One Coaching

Typical results of One-on-One coaching include:

  • Having more clarity, direction, inspiration and accelerated growth
  • Deeper and more meaningful connections, supporting you in converting this into sales and career opportunities
  • Earning more money from a meaningful and fulfilling way
  • Being empowered to take action and to live a truly inspiring life on a daily basis
  • Experiencing more meaningful and magical moments in your daily life
  • Enhanced intuition, listening to your inner voice and truly knowing which path is the right path for you, not allowing yourself to be easily persuaded by other people derailing you from your goals and desires
  • Experiencing more fun in your life
  • More time back for you
  • Increased self-confidence, happiness, appreciation and self-love
  • Becoming more influential in your industry to inspire others to the same
  • Deeper relationships to others – professional and personal
  • Increased integrity to assist you in following through on your own promises to yourself, helping you achieve more of your goals
  • Higher levels of responsibility and accountability combating procrastination and a life or “what-ifs” that are hindering you from making more money and being happier
  • Deeper relationship to who you are, what you do and the impact you have on others
  • Increased feelings of peace and gratitude
  • Being empowered to live the life you have always desired

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Who This is For

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People who are….

  • Willing
    • To be challenged and step into the unknown
    • To communicate honestly and openly with me
    • To take responsibility for their life, action, thoughts, emotions and results
  • Those who desire more connection, love and fulfilment
  • Wanting to enhance their intuition
  • Are honest – even if it’s difficult
  • Feel like you are called to work with me and it feels right for you at this moment
  • Wanting a synergistic relationship where we can both grow, learn and benefit from working with each other

Is this you?

  • You work in sales and would like to
    • Increase your income
    • Get highly paid being you
    • Have fun doing what you love
    • Would like to become more influential
  • Are interested and looking at moving into working in sales
  • Are looking for more direction in your life
  • Are open to exploring new job opportunities as you feel your current role isn’t something you are passionate about and would like to pursue

Who This Is Not For

People who are:

  • Are thinkers and talkers only
  • Want a quick fix to their problems
  • Want me to fix their problems for them
  • Are dishonest and are not willing to communicate openly with me
  • Are wanting to stay in a victim and blame mindset
  • Want to stay in their comfort zone and aren’t willing to venture outside
  • Just want to talk about their problems and not action anything in their life to change it

Nina is a well-studied life coach… who has the ability to interpret a person’s circumstance and intuitively respond to their concerns. After explaining what she feels, she is able to share her extensive knowledge and provide a ‘New View’ so people can start making changes to their lives!

Eddie Toth

This is a calling to re-connect to what’s most important to you again!

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The purpose of this form is for Nina to get an idea about if she feels like there is high level of value that she feels she can add to your life, that will be worthwhile for the both of you.

Nina will contact you within 10 business days, informing you if she feels that both you and her would make a good match with working together one-on-one at this moment in time. Therefore, we advise that you block out at least 30 minutes of your time to fill out the answers as detailed, as honest and as transparent, as much as possible, to ensure that we can assist you to the best of our ability.

Please note that as Nina has a limited number of people she can coach one-on-one at any one time, there may be a waiting period of a month or two as to when or if there is an opportunity to work with her. We will however reply back to you as soon as possible ☺