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Nina has decided to create this page due to the high demand of requests for books, audios, videos, and events that she recommends. All of these resources have been read/listened to or watched by Nina herself as she would not feel congruent referring anything she doesn’t know the value of or has experienced first hand. So below is a list of books, documentaries/videos, events and other resources that have significantly assisted her in, in her personal development journey, in hope that it too, will empowering and assist you on your journey.

Nina does want to highlight she doesn’t necessarily agree or advocate for everything spoken about in each resource. However, she is an advocate for sovereignty and empowerment. With this in mind this is what she recommends you keep in mind when doing your own education:

  • First and foremost, have your own experience of the book, audio, video or event as there are a million and one ways to interpret the same picture
  • That you take on board what resonates and empowers you, and forget the rest
  • Keep an open mind
  • Temporarily forget what you think you know or what you know that contradicts with a new idea, and then after this, is when you are really able to re-assess your thoughts, feelings and beliefs behind both the original thought you had, and the new idea that has come to your attention
  • Diarise your New View’s and new realisations you have about your life, circumstances and yourself. Our lives become that much more meaningful when we stop and take the time to actually reflect on how we feel about things and what we can do about it in the present moment.
  • The present moment is all there is. Do not get too hung up on the past or what you should have done. If you see the lesson, be grateful you now know it and you can change it the next time, better yet change it now. Also do not worry about the future as it’s not here yet. Have faith in yourself, your choices and that the universe will respond to you appropriately, in the best way to assist you in your growth.

I would love to hear what you think, feel and experience from all these resources so feel free to share, comment and like the ones that have impacted on your life.

Happy reading, or writing or watching or experiencing – actually happy BEing! ☺

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