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Nina’s authenticity and passion plays a large part in the successive she has in being able to convert relationships and deep connections into long term value exchanges.

If you are wanting to learn about selling in business, selling yourself in life and simply just representing yourself in a way that you feel like is really who you are, I would definitely recommend you to book a Discovery Session with Nina.

She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk! Her ability to be challenged herself, is the experience and courage she has built in order to challenge others who are too, ready to answer the call of making a real difference.

Nina is definitely here to make an empowering change the world.

Jeffrey Slayter

International Speaker,  Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and just some guy

What I love most about Nina is her undying passion and dedication to better the personal and professional lives of the youth in Australia. Nina is a wonderful communicator who has an abundance of energy which she channels into helping young Australian unlock their passions to pursue a way of life and professional career that fulfils their desire and purpose.

Nina is a girl who walks the walk and talks the talk… A young Australian herself, Nina came from nothing to breaking sales records in the highly competitive real estate industry only to realise this isn’t what made her happy. She realise her true calling is to share her challenges and experiences with those who wanting more meaning out of life.

Already an established entrepreneur, personal and professional development coach, Nina has an abundance of knowledge and love to share on the topic of passion and purpose.

Jeff Yang

B2B Social Media Lead Generation Expert
Winner of ActionCOACH My Business Award for Best Employer 2011
Winner of Australian Business Award for ‘Service Excellence’ 2011

Perception of oneself is a key component in self development and growth. Finding that honesty about who you believe yourself to be, and what you feel you deserve are two things that Nina is successful in cultivating. This takes a gentle yet frank approach, a balance that Nina is so effortless in.

Nina emits a welcoming aura of sincerity and emotional strength, and I am so thankful for her friendship.

If you’re wanting to discover a new outlook on who you are and what you’re truly capable of, I recommend Nina to guide you on your journey. To her virtue, Nina is a kind, generous and passionate young woman who excels in her ability to assist people in their search for their best self.

Ashleigh Wells

Entertainer and Entrepreneur

“I met Nina a little over a year ago, at the time I was a driven, focused, entrepreneur who made little time for fun, play, adventure and exploration. The paper chase had me losing focus on what were the most important things in my life. Nina and the New View allowed me the space to become aware of how this was impacting my relationships, health and business life. After many conversations, I came to realise that I wasn’t in the flow, I forgot what I was running towards, running away from – only that I used to wake up every morning – running. The New View, was the genius of a shift in my being and how I showed up in the world. First came awareness, next came letting love back in, and then being in the flow and rhythm of life. Now, I’m still focused and driven however I’m more connected, loved, with a healthily dose of fun and passion – I now know that I can have both! The New View definitely has fulfilled on its promise.

Thanks for the positivity, the love and support. It means so much. You are a blessing. You may not have changed the world yet… but you’re definitely helping me change mine!!

Kresant Mahilall


Nina has helped me become clearer on what I want, my goals and most importantly clear on what my values are! I was also able to learn to be more honest out loud and more honest with myself about how I feel with certain things, in an empowering way that it led to more clarity for myself and for the people around me.

KC Bulaon

Young Thought Leader

Having collaborated with Nina on developing our businesses and partnering together I’ve come to truly understand and appreciate how remarkable and heart-centred Nina is. She’s an empathic listener and someone who is not afraid to speak openly and have the conversations that many others would shy away from. It’s rare to find someone with the strength and vulnerability that Nina possesses. Through overcoming her own struggles and challenges in life Nina is well versed in learning how to love and appreciate one’s self, and it’s because of her willingness to bear her soul and speak from her authentic voice that she has been a powerful ally who has helped me appreciate myself and re-connect to my purpose.

It’s this authenticity that also makes Nina an incredible connector and heart-centred sales person. Nina constantly inspires me to reach for my dreams and I am blessed to know that she’s out there trailblazing a path for others to follow. She’s also such a fun person and wonderful to be around. Many people talk about making a difference, but Nina is actually out there DOING it with The New View.

Anfernee Chansamooth

Confidenpreneur Coach

Older does not necessarily mean wiser. So few people ever get to where she is, in terms of their understanding of self, their mind, body and spirit, of the universe, of life itself, of how everything is connected. Even fewer people get there at her age. And yet Nina is.

26 years ago, I gave her life. A year ago, she help me get back mine. Now, for the first time in my adult life, I am ALIVE. I am HAPPY. I am SOMEBODY. I have a voice. I have value. I am worthy. I have found ME.

Jenn Reyes

Nina’s Mother

I met Nina earlier in the year (2015), and I have never met someone who has taught me so much about self-empowerment in such a short amount of time. She is says a ray of sunshine, who spreads nothing but pure happiness and positivity, its super refreshing. Nina has taught me that anxiety is something that we need to face to be able to grow as a person. All it takes is courage and self-belief. 

Nina has empowered me in more than just one occasion however most recently Nina have me the courage and the guidance to be able to stop worrying about what people think of me and just do what I think is best for myself- that the fear of anxiety is just a state of mind that can be pushed through with a simple count down. 

Thanks to Nina, I have never felt more confident about myself and the way I live my life. Her constant support and advice has really helped me to live a more, happy, healthy life as a young women in a fast- paced society.

Cass Hill

Fitness Motivational Speaker & Blogger

Nina is a well-studied life coach who adapts her activities according to the needs of the group. She has the ability to interpret a person’s circumstance and intuitively respond to their concerns. After explaining what she feels, she is able to share her extensive knowledge and provide a ‘New View’ so people can start making changes to their lives!

Eddie Toth


I have known Nina for the last three years in which she has been a positive force and support to her family. Nina has been an inspiration to me showing me that young adults can truly take a stand and change their life for the better. I share her posts with my young adult children hoping they would use her inspiration to guide their path. Nina is dedicated and shows a ‘joie de vive’ (joy for life). She embraces life in all its positive glory and I am truly inspired by her positive approach to life. I look forward to reading and sharing her book when it comes out.

Guita Badaoui

Educational Entrepreneur and Innovator

We all need somebody who can tell us what we need to hear, someone who can guide us to see things in a different perspective. I always knew that I need people I can trust to help me and give me a different view of myself especially during trying times. I just didn’t expect that Nina would be one of them.

Nina deep inside knew she wanted to help people. That is her calling. She certainly helped me during a very tough time in my life and she continues to do that and I never thought that our relationship will be what it is today and I know that it will even get better.

Mark Concepcion

Nina’s Father

You mainly influenced me with your happy soul, free spirit and how you do what you love in life and push away the negativity…

You are my role model, as you’ve helped me stay positive through school, personal life, getting healthier and enjoying my journey, and it’s been great! You have genuinely influenced me so much to be a better and happier person.

You played a major role in coming out of my shell

Trish Mina

Gen Z Thought Leader

Nina is the only person i know who can be truly and genuinely understanding and loving while at the same time holding you accountable to everything you say and do. Nothing gets past her… Every inconsistency and every excuse for not being the best person you can be will be exposed, without judgement but instead with the understanding that knowledge is power and that facing the fear we all have of confronting our true selves will bring us more of both than we could ever imagine.

I am no longer even capable of the defeatist thinking that once ruled me and I have Nina to thank for it. And she is always growing exponentially herself, I can hardly imagine what she is capable of now.

Seb Hazel


She has the gift of being able to see things in people that they are not conscious of so that they can heal, understand and grow.

Nina had the ability to bring light to my darkness and gave me the courage to see things for what they were and not the picture I had painted of it for so many years.

Nina’s insight into my behaviours, attitudes and beliefs meant that she was able to gently strip back my many masks which I had carried through life in order for people to love and accept me.

Nicole Surma

Mother and Entrepreneur

For a time, longer than I care to think, I was stuck in a place. I was stuck in a negative, destructive mindset about everything – life, work, purpose. It was as though I was hopelessly treading water in the middle of the ocean.  But despite these dark times, I developed a belief that enabled me to see myself out of my unhealthy behaviour and into a new beginning. 

There were times where I struggled to believe in my newfound way of thinking. Times where I doubted myself because I couldn’t effectively explain what I was thinking and why. It wasn’t until a few conversations with Nina and attending the New View’s launch event that my beliefs started to really make sense. There was an explanation of why I chose to let go of the past and my worries of the future – because we all NEED to BE PRESENT. There was an explanation as to why I meet the people I meet and why some stay and some go – because people enter our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

These are just a few things Nina’s helped to work through and I can’t wait for more of The New View and The Naked You to make more discoveries on improving not just my way of life, but my quality of life as well.

Sam De Leon & Aaron Chandra

Friend and Fan

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